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The value of the specialist

The medical centre


Centro Menis de Especialidades Médicas, established and managed by MD. Diana Schuarzberg Menis, was created with the idea of creating a cooperative space among renowned specialist that share a strong service vocation and the constant research for excellence in the support they offer to their patients.


The Specialist’s Value” is the main concept that underlines the basis for the support proposal of Centro Menis. The basis of this project is the figure of the specialist-doctor, its training, its experience, its human and professional quality. This means that Centro Menis is more a specialist centre than a centre of specialties because our support offer is always linked with a very particular professional profile.

The abundance of different experts in several specialities at the same centre and the synergies generated by a cooperative attitude, promoted and coordinated by MD. Schuarzberg, makes it easier for the patient to receive the benefit of a multidisciplinary sanitary perspective. The medical-surgical unit of Spine and Upper Limb is a good example. In this unit the patient affected by these ailments could choose to be examined at the same session and at an affordable price by a neurology specialist, an orthopaedic surgeon and traumatology specialist, and a rehabilitation specialist.

Centro medico

Out of the services that you can find at Centro Menis, the following stand out:

  • Strabismus Surgery in children and adults carried by MD. Diana Schuarzberg Menis.
  • Spine Surgery with the latest minimally invasive techniques carried by MD. Carlos Valencia Maldonado.
  • Hand and Upper Limb Surgery with innovative techniques carried by MD. Gustavo Muratore Moreno.



oftalmología las palmas


Centro Menis has been conceived to facilitate the specialized assistance to disable people, eliminating the architectural barriers and introducing portable ophthalmic equipments and Ophthalmology Unit specialized in wheelchair patients.

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